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About us

Our company has been operative for over 30 years in managing, coordinating, site supervising and control of large projects in the fields of construction and civil engineering throughout Israel, and has accumulated vast experience, beginning from the stages of designating available land, investigating land ownership and rights, site preparation and programme planning, preparing City Plan Documents, management of detailed design and tenders, construction site supervision and budget control until project completion.

 We employ workers specializing in the fields of business, architectural and urban planning and engineering : design, management, coordination and supervision,     located in our offices in Tel Aviv and Ramat Beit Shemesh.

 Our employees include architects, urban planners, engineers, business managers, architectural, engineering and computer technicians, and administrative staff.

Asher Olenik Engineering Company is committed to quality control and assurance, and possesses Israeli and international ISO 9001 : 2008 standard certificates for planning, coordination and supervision in the civil engineering field.

 Our company manages projects for (among other clients) : Ministry of Construction & Housing, Company for Development & Tourism of Netanya, cities of Rosh Haayin and Hod Hasharon, Be'er Yaakov local council, Hod Hasharon Water Corporation,  Jerusalem Development Authority, Ashdod Development Company, Israel Defence Forces Building Center, and the government corporations Arim ("cities"), Amidar and Amigur (public housing).

 We serve as a "managing company" for urban renewal for the Ministry of Construction & Housing and for the Israel Land Authority (ILA). In partnership with Giora Gur Architects, we serve as a "planiing company" for the ILA. We are site quality controllers for the ILA in Rishon Letsiyon and Yafo (Jaffa) which is part of the city of Tel Aviv – Yafo.

We manage one of the teams responsible for shielding structures against military attacks in the city of Sderot. Our company is developing for the Ministry of Construction & Housing and the city of Beit Shemesh, the new neighbourhoods in the Ramat Beit Shemesh quarter :A, B, G, M3, East City Center, Integrated Housing & Employment Area.

Among our other responsibilities, here we are in charge of designing and building roads, retaining walls, parks and other public open spaces, buildings for electric transformers, infrastructures including water, sewage, surface & subsurface drainage and lighting, paving roads and sidewalks with asphalt, natural stones and interlocking precast concrete stones, coordination with the Israeli Electric Corporation (IEC), the telecommunications corporation "Bezeq", the cable TV& communications company "Hot", the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), the Israel Nature & Parks Authority (INPA), Atra Kadisha ("Holy Sites") who investigate and approve solutions for preserving suspected ancient burial sites, local municipal authorities and water & sewage corporations, as required for every project, in full cooperation with all these companies and authorities.

In some projects, we are also equired to coordinate with existing neighborhood residents and answer their various needs until completion of the project and transferrring responsibility for it's maintenance to the local municipal authority.

Any questions or requests for further information may be sent to our offices by mail, email, telephone or facsimile as appearing at the bottom of this page.




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